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What Toner Brands do you accept?
The only supplies we accept are name brand Toner and ink cartridges they must be unopened in a factory sealed package. We don’t deal with refills, partially-used, aftermarket, or generic brand items.

How long will it take before my offer is accepted?
Each offer is unique, so the amount of time before a final offer is reached will vary. A lot of the time, especially when you use our suggested prices, we can let you know right away. Other times, we'll need to work on some of the details with you. As a rule of thumb, offers are generally worked out within one business day of their submittal.

How should the products be shipped?
When mailing products, please make sure all quantities are correct and items are packed safe and secure. Please tape the shipping receipt to the box.

Where do I ship the items?
Please mail the items to the following address:
2286 E. Carson St #323
Long Beach, CA 90815

How do I get paid?
We are able to pay you with cash only if you deliver directly to our warehouse located in Signal Hill, CA. Otherwise you can get paid via check, pay pal or a wire transfer to your bank account.

Any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to contact us at 562-421-6626.

Contact Information

Telephone: (562) 421-6626
Fax number (562) 608-8628
Email: quote@tonersuppliesforcash.com